process steps

1. Listen
No matter the project, it begins with careful listening — so I can learn everything I can about your style, your hopes and dreams.
2. Plan
My next first step is to develop a plan for your interiors — to scale. You can begin to visualize how your house will nurture your life.
3. Specify
I prepare a complete specification manual, which serves as an invaluable guidebook to all your interior finish selections. Your contractor can then price actual materials and labor costs for an accurate construction budget.
4. Communicate
This process is propelled by an open dialogue and give-and-take at every stage. At all times, we're working together toward a common goal.
5. Coordinate
This is a true collaboration. I coordinate with you, your builder and architect and other vendors, when appropriate, to help ensure all goes to plan.
6. Realize
I make sure every detail is crossed off the list. The end result is a home you can be proud of and comfortable in. What's more important than that?